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Recruitment Position


【Legal & Compliance Officer】Recruitment

【Recruitment Position】
Legal&Compliance Officer

【Place of Work】
Shanghai, excellent performance can be dispatched to Hong Kong headquarters

【Application Requirements】
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law in well-known universities at home and abroad:
2. At least 3 years of experience in front-line law firms, private fund management institutions or other relevant work:
3. Able to work in English and Chinese, with good communication skills and teamwork spirit:
4. Understand business operation and have the ability to solve problems.


【IR Intern】Recruitment

【Recruitment Position】
IR Intern

【Place of Work】

【Application Requirements】
1. Bachelor degree or above from well-known universities at home and abroad, with PE/VC and investment banking internship experience preferred
2. Strict and responsible, with strong pressure resistance. Good communication skills, logical thinking ability and teamwork ability
3. Excellent English, strong data processing and writing skills, excellent PPT production and Excel data processing ability
4. Work at least 4 days a week for at least 3 months, remote


【Intern Analyst】Recruitment

【Recruitment Position】
Intern Analyst

【Place of Work】
Shanghai Jing'an Kerry Center Office Building 2

【Application Requirements】
1. Top tier undergraduate students in finance/accounting/economics/computer/engineering at home and abroad, with solid basic skills
2. Great interest and enthusiasm in investment research in hard technology industry
3. Diligent and studious, flexible, with strong learning and independent thinking ability
4. Skillfully use POWERPOINT, EXCEL and other office software; Proficient in Chinese and English work and communication
5. Have good work ethics, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork ability
6. Internship: Part time position with flexible time requirements, working 3-4 days a week. Have sufficient disposable time, and the internship period is more than 3 months